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Garden planter whiskey barrel &,amp, brick stool by Highland westbrier Furniture ( Made in Japan )

I just LOVE the GARDEN PLANTER WOODEN WHISKEY BARREL &,amp, BRICK STOOL made by Highland Westbrier Furniture, which is found at Vintage Value, a business based in Vermont. The various details of the sturdy and versatile WHISKEY BARREL &,amp, STOOL such as the double wood construction with the exposed wrought iron foot ( the SEAT ), the well fitting WHISKEY BARREL &,amp, STOOL foot rest &,amp, feet and of course, the hardened &,amp, smoothed WOOD are quite nice. This is an ideal Outdoor Seating Package for those who like to show off their drinking hobby.

Available at VINTAGE VALUE CO., an excellent example of the quality items in the product range. Since 1967, Vintage Value has focused on quality indoor/outdoor and gardening furniture. We strive to provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices available. Let us help you purchase your first garden, patio or other outdoor furniture! From westbrier Furniture, our mission is to focus on quality products, provide the highest level of customer service and offer exceptional value in our products, all backed up by a stellar reputation in the industry. So if you are looking for something to buy, as we are, why not order it from the best source? Make Vintage Value your home furniture store!

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Manufacturer's Warranty: lifetime

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Color: White

Size: 16" Wide x 14" High x 18" Deep

Country of Manufacture: USA

Assembly Required: No

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Reviews &, Ratings

Fantastic for large spaces!I'm super happy with the stool. It's a heavy duty deep green finish, the design details are great, and it fits the space really well! Looks great in my garden! I had been looking at wood, metal or glass alternatives but I think that this is going to be the best choice. This was a perfect Christmas gift!

19 April, 2018 | Asanda Ladugu | Amman

Love this...I'm looking for something with more sturdiness in the indoor furniture, this did a perfect job at that!

17 February, 2018 | Camila Parkins | Oklahoma

Not as good as I thoughtI received the stools late and realized that the stools themselves weren't as good quality as I thought, the stools themselves are very sturdy and very comfortable. However the packaging that comes with the stools isn't the best quality. They were folded up into 2 pieces and the packing around the stools itself came loose and could easily come off of the stools. So if you get them and you think that the stools are going to be great, they aren't until they are sitting in your backyard/patio.

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Best Yet!As always, J.L. Co. has delivered a great product and on-time delivery. This is by far one of the best stool designs that J.L. has come out with. I have gotten many compliments on this stool and I can honestly say that it is a fantastic stool to have in the garden or outside around your pool. It is really heavy duty and is built to last. I can not think of a more durable outdoor stool that is also so comfortable. I love the paulownia and will keep using this product for a long time.

12 October, 2017 | Anonymous | TX

Great For all of my outdoor needs I have ordered several of the Westbrier Stools for outdoor seating and bar cart uses. I have found them to be sturdy and comfortable as well as nicely made. I think they are great for outdoor seating especially in small areas.

Great stoolI really love this stool. My garden looks so much better with this stool than any other one I've found. This stool is very comfortable and sturdy. It's exactly what I expected.

Great stoolI love this stool. Very comfortable and it has good support. My husband gave it a great review. The shipping was fast and the items arrived in good condition. I'm very pleased with the item and will definitely order from the JL Co again.

Super SturdyI bought this stool for the patio and it is great for heavy use in an outdoor setting. It's great looking and very sturdy. I look forward to using this stool for a long time to come!

Replaced my patio furniture! This stool replaced our old wicker furniture and the stool is so much more comfortable! The outdoor patio furniture from Westbrier Furniture was a great investment. I would recommend these stools to any outdoor furniture buyer.

This stool is perfect! I was going to buy an old porch stool with my gardening and walking hours. I LOVE this stool. It was perfect size and the height is perfect! It is super comfortable. I love this stool.

5 November, 2016 | Anonymous | Oklahoma

Great For StaircaseWell, this is the 3rd one I've purchased. This one is even nicer than the others. Very sturdy, the seat cushion is just right (soft but not too soft). I am keeping one for myself and I'm going to purchase another two for patio furniture at the house.

Super Easy &, Clean UpSturdy and comfortable, great look. I've used it on a

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